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Hot Rolled Steel for General Structures


Steel for general structures and welded structures are produced for steel structures, bridges, ships, and automobiles.
▶ SS300,400,490,540, SM400A,B,C, SM490A,B,C, SM520A,B


Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel


With the addition of special elements such as P, Cu, and Ni, this steel type has enhanced corrosion and atmospheric corrosion resistant properties. It is used for the production of containers, special vehicles, and building structures.


Hot Rolled Steel for Automotive Parts


Outstanding in its drawability and weldability, this high-strength steel is used in automobile frames and wheels.
▶ SAPH310,370,400, SPFH490,540,590


Cold Rolled Steel Sheets


This cold-rolled sheets are used in many cold-rolled products, such as CR, GI, and color plates.
▶ SAE1008~50, LCS200, IF


Steel for Tubes


Excellent in weldability and formability, this steel is quite versatile with its uses in structural pipes, general pipes, special pipes, and     carbon steel pipes for machines
▶ SPHT1,2,3,4, STK290,400,490


Steel for High-Pressure Gas Cylinders and Oil Well Pipes


Superior in formability and pressure resistance capacity, this steel is used for high-pressure gas containers and drilling in extremely     cold regions and deep sea oil wells.
▶ API5L A,X42,X60,X70



Hot Rolled Mild Steel


  ▶ SPHC,D,E