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Product Introduction


This most widely used prepainted steel sheet is covered with polyester paint material that is baked on to its surface. Polyester prepainted steel sheet is used for exterior panels and interior design purposes that do not require excessive processing.


- Prepainted steel sheet is coated or baked with paint containing polyester resin.

- Most widely used. Generally displays superior workability, durability, and weather resistance

- Used for a variety of purposes; offered in a wide array of colors and degrees of polish.




- Sandwich panel, lightweight partition, roof panel, water gutter, shutter, door, boiler cover, iron frame furniture



Cross section of painted product




Note 1) Materials used for prepainted steel sheet: GI, GA, EGI, SGL, AL, BP, TFS, TP, SUS, ALCOT etc.

Note 2) 2COAT 2BAKING is available for coating layer on both the top and back sides.



Applied materials


Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (KS D 3506, GI)

The cold rolled steel sheet passes through a molten zinc pot containing 97% zinc (0.03% or less AL), undergoing the galvanizing process, which gives each side of the sheet an equal thickness of coating.

Depending on the surface treatment of the plated sheet, it is categorized into regular spangle, minimized spangle, or zero spangle ultra smooth, which are symbolized as R, M, Z, respectively. Prepainted steel sheet produced by Dongbu Steel uses ultra smooth material in the production process.


Surface types for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (GI)




While an increased volume of coating enhances the anti-corrosion properties of galvanized steel sheet, the workability is inevitably decreased. Anti-corrosion properties, workability, tension, and elongation must be taken into consideration when selecting plates.



The normal wall thickness of galvanized steel plates refers to the thickness of pre-coated steel plates. The clearance of the machine, therefore, must account for the thickness of the zinc plating indicated in Table 1 as well as the coating thickness (usually 25μ).


Zinc flacks may stick inside the metallic pattern during the deep drawing process, requiring extra caution be taken as this may damage the coating's exterior


Lubrication oil used in treatment shall not contain chlorine or phosphoric acid, which reacts to zinc. Table 1 shows the zinc weight and coating thickness for hot-dip galvanized steel sheet used for prepainted steel sheet. These figures are adopted by KS (Korean Standards), JIS (Japan Industrial Standards), and ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials).


Table 1 - Weight and thickness of zinc coating

Zinc Coating Weight Symbol

Z 06 Z 08 Z 13 Z 12 Z 18 Z 20 Z 22 Z 26 Z 27

Zinc Coating Thickness (㎜)

0.013 0.017 0.021 0.026 0.034 0.040 0.043 0.049 0.054

Weightg/㎡ (both sides)

90 120 125 183 244 285 305 345 381
ASTM A 525 G-30 G-40 G-60 G-90 G-115



Special hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (KS D 3770, SGL)

Zn/AL alloy coated steel sheet and galvanized sheet, is available for products requiring particularly high-workability and high-durability. Table 2 lists the applications and contents of these sheets.


Table-2 Applications of Zn/AL alloy coated steel sheet




Regular hot-dip galvanized iron

Regular use

1% Zn/AL Alloy Coated Steel Sheet CRACK FREE
5% Zn/AL Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

Anti-corrosion, workability

55% Zn/AL Alloy Coated Steel Sheet

Construction in poor conditions




Electrolytic galvanized steel sheet (KS D 3528, EGI)
The surface of the cold rolled steel sheet (KS D 3512) undergoes a dull finishing treatment, followed by a double-sided coating process (zinc weight: 13g~25g/㎡). Five products are available depending on the coating weight. Electro galvanized iron (EGI) is usually used in home electrical appliances that require extensive workability. Due to its low zinc weight, EGI cannot be used for products that require anti-corrosion properties.



Aluminum steel sheet (KS D 6701)
While aluminum is light in specific gravity, it possesses high tensile strength. Due to its superb anti-corrosion properties, aluminum is widely used in the production of aircrafts, automobiles, containers, blinds, ceiling material, and composite panels.



Cold rolled stainless steel sheet (KS D 3698)
Due to its anti-corrosion and chemical resistant properties that far exceed other steel products, stainless steel sheet is optimum for products that require extremely high levels of corrosion resistance and durability.

Stainless steel sheet is produced from Iron/Chrome or Nickel/Chrome alloy. STS 304 or STS 430 are used mainly for PCM (JIS uses the symbol SUS).


Raw Materials Size Related specification Characteristics
Thickness Width
COLOR ROLLED STEEL(CR) 0.25~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-366
KS D 3512
JIS G 3141
Excellent formability
Excellent weldability
Excellent surface
Bright surface
HOT DIP GALVANIZED STEEL(GI) 0.25~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-526
KS D 3506
JIS G 3302
Corrosion Resistance
KS D 3528
JIS G 3313
Excellent formability
GALVANNEALED STEEL(GA) 0.35~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-526
KS D 3506
JIS G 3302
Good Weldability
Corrosion Resistance
0.35~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-463
KS D 3544
JIS G 3314
Heat Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Heat Reflectiveness
BLACK PLATE(BP) 0.25~0.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-623
KS D 3516
JIS G 3303
Excellent Lackerability
Excellent Workability
Heat Resistance
ALUMINUM STEEL(AL) 0.3~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM B-209
KS D 6701
JIS G 4000
Corrosion Resistance
High Durability
STAINLESS STEEL(STS) 0.3~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-895
KS D 3698
JIS G 4305
Corrosion Resistance
High Durability
Chemical Resistance
0.3~1.6t 600~1380㎜ ASTM A-792
KS D 3770
EN 10215
Heat Resistance
Corrosion Resistance
Heat Reflectiveness
High Durability



Size availability





Test items


Test item Test method Test result Related specification
Cross cut test


Good KS D 3520
Pencil Hardness test 45˚, 1H and over Good KS D 3520
Bending test 180˚×3T Good KS D 3520
Impact test 500g×12.7㎜φ×500㎜H Good KS D 3520
Salt water spray test 5%Nacl 35˚ 500hours
KS D 9520
JIS Z 2371
Resistance to Chemicals 5%H₂SO₄×5Hr
weathering test
Weather-O-Meter 750hours
JIS Z 0230
Film Hardness test M.E.K Rubbing 40Times



Applied specifications



KS D 3520, KS D 6711

JIS G 3312, JIS G 3321

ASTM A 653, ASTM A 792
EN 10142, EN 10147 etc



Basic color